KMHCU4AE4EU749141 2014 Hyundai Accent, Gls Accent history of the car at auction


id: 5327607

lots_id: 7895846

auction: Copart

data: 2020-12-02

lot: 1-48592600

final_bid: $7,750

status: Sold

seller: Travelers Indemnity Insurance

odometr: 24 367 mi

This page presents photos from auction Copart of vehicle with VIN code KMHCU4AE4EU749141.
The car was made in 2014. Make and model of the car Hyundai Accent, Gls. The odometer run 24 367 mi is fixed at auction. Lot number 1-48592600. The seller Travelers Indemnity Insurance. The final bid of auction $7,750.
Damage KMHCU4AE4EU749141 is reflected in these photographs and in the technical description 5327607
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